Rerama Two-Bedroom Family Suite

Rerama Two-Bedroom Family Suite

Your vibrant family getaway awaits here in the heart of Seminyak.

Enjoy an unforgettable family holiday in the heart of Bali's most vibrant neighbourhood. Just a stone's throw away from the sparkling Seminyak Beach, each of the family suite consists of a master bedroom and a twin bedroom filled with kids amenities from sweet treats to the latest video game console. 

Each bedroom comes with a walk-in wardrobe and a balcony with daybed overlooking the resort grounds and pools, as well as a partial sea view.

A stay in the Rerama Two-Bedroom Family Suite is also inclusive of:

SizeSleeping options
119 SQMKing and Twin

  • In-room check-in service with a welcome fresh juice and refreshing towel
  • Kids check-in corner
  • A spa welcome pack
  • A beach & pool kit including a beach bag and sunscreen
  • Daily amenities and activities for your little one(s)
  • 1-time complimentary 60-minutes Balinese massage for 2 persons at Sava Spa (only eligible for parents per stay)*
  • 1-time complimentary 3-hours babysitting service (only eligible per stay)*
  • Complimentary unlimited pay-per-view movies
  • Complimentary selected resort's activities
  • Daily scheduled kids activities
  • Daily Punch & Munch in-room bar consumptions (replenished once per day), excluding alcoholic beverages
  • Seasonal welcome amenities upon arrival
 *minimum of 3 nights stay


To book this Rerama Two-Bedroom Family Suite, please access the inquiry form through the inquiry button below.


To all dearest guest, the Balinese Hindus are celebrating the new year of the Saka calendar with a day of silence. For a whole 24 hours, the island will come to a standstill where no activities are allowed to take place. Kindly learn more about the day of silence by clicking the link below:


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