Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beachは、バリ島きっての活気あふれるエリア、スミニャック地区の中心に位置しています。ここでは、何世紀にもわたり受け継がれてきた伝統と文化が、気取りのない洗練された雰囲気の中に溶け込んでいます。

クラシック ルーム


ネイバーフッド ルーム


パティオ ルーム


シーブリーズ ルーム


ティルタ スイート


サーガル スイート

客室面積115㎡、ビーチフロントのSugarsandn に簡単にアクセスでき、活気あふれるスミニャックを満喫できるお部屋です

ワンサ 1ベットルーム プールヴィラ

広さ300㎡、プライバシーが守られたプール付きのヴィラ。24時間体制でお客様のご要望に対応する ネイバーフッド パティ サービスをご利用いただけます。

Maha 2ベッドルーム プールヴィラ

南国でのバケーションを心ゆくままお楽しみいただける広さ800㎡の大きな屋外プール付きヴィラ。24時間体制でお客様の特別なご要望に対応するネイバーフッド パティ サービスをご利用いただけます。


鮮やかに変化し続けるスミニャックのビーチフロントにあるSugarSandは、最新のバリを楽しめる場所です。 | Opening Hour: 7AM - 11PM 

Cave Pool Lounge

賑やかなプールサイドのラウンジで、太陽を浴びてリフレッシュ。|  Opening Hour: 12pm - 6pm

Home Delivery

お部屋でくつろぎながら本格的なお料理をお楽しみいただけます。| Open 24 Hours


バリ料理をベースにした創作料理が楽しめるカジュアルダイニング | Opening Hour: 6.30AM - 11PM

Pottery Cafe

バリコーヒーと焼き立てのお菓子をお楽しみいただける、とっておきのカフェ。 | Opening Hour: 7AM - 7PM

Tree Bar

地元のハーブを使った特製ドリンクやカクテルをお楽しみいただけるバーです。 | Opening Hour: 12pm - 11pm






Kama Veda



Celebrate your love in the heart of Bali’s most vibrant beachside spot at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach.

Sava Spa

シンプルなエレガンス漂う当ホテルのスパで、全身を癒すトリートメントをお楽しみください。Sava Spaは素晴らしいサービスを提供するバリ島スミニャックのスパです。 Spa Putih.png

24/7 Health Club

Sweat out the holiday calories at our 24-hour health club featuring the top-of-the-line equipment and fun programs that will have you energised to explore our neighbourhood.

Amazing Service

Oka and his team were very professional in their duties and thoughtfully ensured our stay was as comfortable as possible. 

Reviewed December 16, 2019

Thoughtful Staff

The Hotel location was great, enjoyed the facilities and the beach, the hospitality of the crew was very overwhelming.

Dubai, UAE
Reviewed December 12, 2019

Awesome Experience!

Im travel with my wife and a 2y.o. toddler and we had a magnificent stay during our 2 nights stay. Hotel is so comfy and my boy sleep very well through out the night. The fresh orange squeezer machine is a plus point giving us vitamin C boost first thing in the morning , as well use own-made mocktail at night. Breakfast? No doubt it’s the best I had so far. Frankly speaking, I love the overall experience during breakfast, especially when the coffee servevd. It’s a quite a quality coffee Makase served. Thumbs up. Just a little suggestion, perhaps staff can further notify customer that we can request for special beans to serve for the black coffee. We only get to know that on the same night when we revisit pottery cafe for coffee and beans!! We also would like made a special thank you note to Natasya (staff in Makase) who giving us a very good impression on how professional and friendly hotel staff is. She is well is understand customer needs and made good suggestion in helping customer. She also child-friendly kind of person who Knows how to cheer and bring fun to my little boy. Very good service she demonstrate. One more hilight is about the daily activities for kids and adult. We enjoy doing the decoration and love the painting event too. This give a very good time for us to spend time after breakfast and before swim. Will definitely revisit this hotel. Awesome experience !!!

Chze Siang
December 20, 2019