Settle down to a feast of our neighbourhood flavours with a unique twist.

Welcome to your friendly neighbourhood café in Seminyak, Bali. A homey take on casual, rustic dining, Makase welcomes you for breakfast and dinner every day. This Seminyak café is built on hundreds of years of tradition and uses local ingredients to keep that connection strong. Inspired by Bali’s vibrant street food and daily markets, Makase offers guests the joy of family-style dinner in Seminyak. Food arrives at the table continuously throughout the meal and is placed on the the centre of the table for all to share as it is a part of the local culture. We encourage our diners to mix the menu up so that everyone can try a little bit of everything while sitting back and enjoying the overall experience at this café in Seminyak.  

We’ve got our own culinary manifesto that we aspire to follow for every meal.  We aim to combine the traditional tastes with modern knowledge and different cooking techniques with a strong focus on health and well-being. Seminyak’s local industry, products and produce will be promoted in our cooking and we want to express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics that this neighbourhood exemplifies. Finally, we hope to support organic farming methods, green initiatives and sustainability of land, sea and wildlife in Bali. Learn more about culinary manifesto when you visit us.

Our open kitchen allows you to watch our chefs at work as you enjoy your meal with a fresh fruit juice or refreshing smoothie. Enjoy convivial pitchers of sangria, homemade lemonade or infused water with your meal, or choose from our extensive wine selection.


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Ground Floor


Opening Hours:

Breakfast 06.30 AM – 11 AM

Lunch 12 NOON – 5 PM

Dinner 6 PM – 11 PM



+62 361 209 9999


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